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I design, teach and curate the courses offered here at the Imagine Self Academy. I will guide and support you as you seek to find, know, and become your fullest self and experience all the wondrous mysteries of being you.

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About this course

A Strange and Lonely Place, a Holy Imaginations course, you will find a new understanding of yourself and an intimate connection to the Christ mystery of the 40 days in the wilderness.  

In A Strange and Lonely Place,  I support you in connecting creatively to the many profound and illuminating metaphors of the days of fasting. I do not  explore the three temptations in this course.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ is taken to the wilderness immediately after the Baptism and before the Sermon on the Mount.  It has little direct connection to Easter which occurs three years later. The forty days are about preparing for a great destiny.

Your Inner Baptism is the awakening to an aspect of a personal destiny of great purpose.  How often when your time has come for a central transition do you need the inner challenge of the wilderness to prepare you for what lies ahead?

In the 45 minute audio I cover the following...

Describing Your Inner Wilderness.

Understanding Your 40 Days

Considering the Possibility of Fasting and Getting to Know the Power of Suffering

Learning the Purpose of Temptation

Discerning the Challenges of Succumbing & Vanquishing

Discovering the Blessings of Solitude and Loneliness

I also include seven powerful writing prompts to help you find new imaginations of your soul.