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I design, teach and curate the courses offered here at the Imagine Self Academy. I will guide and support you as you seek to find, know, and become your fullest self and experience all the wondrous mysteries of being you.

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About this course

What shapes your reality in body and soul and makes you so unique? 

There is no simple answer for this question as the human being is so complex, but The Three Core Shapers of Your Reality reveals three core shapers, determiners and influencers to your daily experience of your life, the world, and other individuals.  In this course , you will develop a strong capacity to experience an ordered, healthy and integrated self.  

The First Shaper: Your Temperamental Personality 

How we uniquely personalize our reality.

Your personalizing response to reality is shaped by the configuring and combining of your four temperaments. Response is how you react to something you have experienced, how you interact with it, and how attractive you find your experience. Our temperamental patterns  inhibit and limit or excite and exaggerate our responses to what we experience. 

These temperaments are our combined expressions of the four archetypal elements:

  • Fire and the choleric temperament.
  • Air and the sanguine temperament.
  • Water and the phlegmatic temperament.
  • Earth and the melancholic temperament.

The Second Shaper: Your Complex Perceptions 

How we uniquely perceive our reality.

Your perception of reality is shaped by the strength and weakness of each of your Twelve Senses. (Yes, there are more than five.) Our degrees and levels of sensitivity and how they combine to give us our recognition, our pleasure or displeasure, our notion of, and our sense of relationship to all things. 

  • The four self senses which provide perceptions of embodiment or incarnation: touch, well-being, movement, balance.
  • The  four world senses which provide perceptions of participation or awareness of the world: smell, taste, vision, warmth. 
  • The four love senses which provide perceptions of what lives in another human being: hearing, language, meaning, Ego.

The Third Shaper: Integrating Processes 

How we uniquely process out reality.

Your processing of reality is shaped by the capacity of each of your Eight Life Processes. All that enters us through the gateways of our senses needs to be processed, sorted through, integrated or not, cared for, developed, and made our own providing a new reality. 

  • The process of breathing in life.
  • The process of warming life.
  • The process of nourishing life.
  • The process of secreting life.
  • The process of maintaining life.
  • The process of growing life.
  • The process of reproducing life.
  • The process of dying.

How The Shapers Move between Body and Soul

These three shapers are all rooted in your etheric body and your biology. As you grow up each of shaper begins to impact your soul and mold how you think, feel and act in your reality. They are wired, innate, and unconscious in your body, but in your soul they can become creative tools for shaping a personal reality of freedom and love. You will be able to use them for creating, for choosing, for healing, and for imagining new realities.

To become self-imagining, to free your soul from the forces of your body and paradoxically, allow you soul to embrace more of the felt wisdom of the body, you will want to learn about these three shapers. Just a few hours learning and reflecting on your temperaments, senses and processes will change your life in wonderful ways.

This Imagine Self Academy program is fun and illuminating. The ahha’s will make you laugh and make you wise... the best combination.

The Three Shapers of Your Reality 

  • a twelve module self-study program
  • pre-recorded audio lessons and great handouts 
  • everything is downloadable and yours forever
  • a community forum to share your insights, your observations and your questions
  • 3 live Q&A webinars with Lynn: One for each shaper.


If you need scholarship or a payment plan, please email Lynn.

Introduction to the Imagine Self Academy provides you all the information to make taking the course easy, valuable and fun.

The Four Temperaments & Imagining Your Temperamental Configuration 

On so many levels, knowledge of the temperaments supports amazing self-mastery and social ease.  

The temperaments shape how we interact, react, act, and attract in all areas of our lives. 

What is the mix of temperaments living in you? 

How can you find the ability to balance and utilize all four temperaments...even your missing temperament?

  • Lesson One: Introduction to the Temperaments
  • Lesson Two: Recognizing the Temperaments
  • Lesson Three: Integrating the Temperaments
  • Lesson Four: Balancing the Temperaments
  • Live Q&A with Lynn

The Twelve Senses & Imagining Your Particular Perceptions   

Our senses shape how we perceive ourselves, the world, and other human beings. We will examine each sense and how each one gives us a window on our soul, our world and each other.

Which of your twelve senses are clear, awake and strong? Which are foggy, groggy, and weak? 

How do you discern what makes good sense and what makes nonsense of how you perceive the objects of your perception?

  • Lesson Five: The Senses of Embodiment & The Perceptions of Self
  • Lesson Six: The Senses of Participation & The Perceptions of the World
  • Lesson Seven: The Senses of Love & The Perceptions of a  Soul
  • Lesson Eight: Making Sense of Your Senses
  • Live Q&A with Lynn

The Eight Processes & Imagining Your Way of Processing Life — 

Our life processes, such as respiration and digestion, impact our soul life and shape how we learn, embrace, change and create all things. 

Which processes are robust, regulated and enriching in the life of your soul? Which processes are weak, unregulated and undermining your vitality? 

How can you create well-being in all seven processes?

  • Lesson Nine: The Eight Life Processes and Their Meaning
  • Lesson Ten:  Your Soul and Making Life Conscious
  • Live Q&A with Lynn

Why is your reality different from everybody else’s? Your lover’s reality, your best friend’s reality, your child’s reality, your colleague’s reality... everyone’s? 

You can be in the same place at the same time living through the same event and the same situation, having the same questions but your reactions, your perceptions, your ways of handling it all will be different, even at odds. Why? For instance, your friend loves parties and you would rather eat glass than endure a crowd and hours of small talk. 

Why are you different from others? Why are you different from how you want to be? Why do you react in ways that frustrate you? Why are you so sensitive to certain things and insensitive to others? Why do you struggle to integrate and get on with certain aspects of your life?

Your reality is different because you are unique in how you are wired, designed, innately inclined, raised and educated. 

  • you personalize all things by responding in the style of your unique configuration of the four temperaments, 
  • you perceive all things through the strengths or weaknesses of your twelve senses, and  
  • you process your experiences with unique speed, capacity and outcome.

These three Shapers create almost binding clusters of meaning that express your individuality and your cultural imprint.

Not knowing how the unique ways you react, perceive and process all the aspects of your life can make you feel different, alone, misunderstood, doubting, anxious, even angry.  Not knowing can lead to self-criticism and intense annoyance of others. Not knowing can lead you to decisions that aren’t right for you, your career, your children, your marriage, your vacations, so much.

Knowing the unique ways your reality is shaped, changes everything.  Differences become meaningful, enriching, creative and the source of wisdom and compassion in all your relationships. Decisions feel right in body and soul.

You will understand yourself and all others and the 7 billion realities on the planet right now! 4x12x7x 7 Billion. If we all understood the three shapers there would be love, not war. 

Understand your children, your spouse, your parents. If you are a teacher you will understand your students ways of learning . If you are a healer you will gain insight into your patients. If you are a writer you will understand and richly develop your characters.  You will understand your colleagues, your clients, your family. You will be awake to the many dynamics shaping the subjective realities of each individual in your life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live or what you do, The Three Shapers will be invaluable to increasing your joy, your calmness, your energy, your creativity in your reality.

To ask questions or request a scholarship, please email Lynn.