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I design, teach and curate the courses offered here at the Imagine Self Academy. I will guide and support you as you seek to find, know, and become your fullest self and experience all the wondrous mysteries of being you.

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About this course

Engage Your Spiritual Companions

Do you wish you could be clear about the presence and support of unseen beings?  How would you feel if you felt an ongoing connection with distinct spiritual realities?  

They surround you always in all ways. Developing a way of perceiving their presence, understanding their relationship to us and knowing all that they offer will calm the underlying anxiety and confusion of our existence.

Guardian Angels
The Dead
and so many others!

this is an on demand, self-paced course.

4 downloadable audios, presentation slides, illuminating handouts.

 This is the time of the Inner Year when we bring our attention to the rich reality and enriching relationships we have with Spiritual Beings. It is also the time when, with the darkening of the light and the chilling of the air, we start to inwardly dwell in isolation. Inner isolation can be a very uncomfortable, threatening state of soul.

The more one is oneself, the more one feels alone. But the pain of feeling “alone” is very different from the anguish of feeling “abandoned.”
Marcelle Spira, Swiss psychoanalyst

Each of us feels a need to awaken fully to the self, to the meaning and significance of what we refer to when we say “I” during our lifetime. As we discover our selfhood, we tend to feel separate from our identities and our connections to other human beings. This can be very scary and psychologically profoundly threatening. We become a solo subject continually crossing thresholds to the new and unfamiliar. We feel the grief of being alone and the nightmare of feeling abandoned This is our earthly dilemma.

If we explore this spiritually, we come to another experience. We experience being all one. If the core of the experience of “I” is spiritual, recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings living an earthly existence of separateness, then another reality comes into our consciousness. There is no separation in spiritual reality and selfhood coexists with being all one. We find eternal connection.

To overcome the pain of aloneness and the horror of perceived abandonment, we need to know the presence and distinctions of spiritual beings. Who are the beings that never abandon us? That always honor and support our selfhood? How do we relate to these beings? What do they want from us, if anything?

The first step in having an active and conscious relationship to spiritual beings, is to know their names and their deeds.

ENGAGE YOUR SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS introduces you to your community of spiritual beings. It gives you their names, describes their deeds, and suggests ways to engage with them and the sacred arts of engagement. You will learn what they are seeking from you.

Here are the beings you will meet…

I will be using names from Western spiritual perspectives, but the deeds of these spiritual beings are universal and found in the great Eastern traditions.

Lesson One: a welcome and guide to the course.

Lesson Two: Your own guardian angel – this connection will surprise and comfort you,

Lesson Three: The Great Spiritual Hierarchies – these beings bring a wonderful creative order to our existence
angels, archangels, archai – these beings support our moral interactions
exusiai, dynanmis, kyriotetes – these beings support creation (and have these unpronouncable Greek names.)
thrones, cherubim, seraphim – these beings offer divine substances

Lesson Four: Elementals and Nature spirits – these beings who are all around the earthly world, can be very helpful and they thrive on our attention. They support our sense of belonging to home, environment, nature and all the objects in our lives. It is a joy to work with these beings.

Lesson Five: The Dead and The Unborn – those on either side of the thresholds of earthly life – if the core of the self is spirit – there is a part of each us that needs no birth and never dies. These loved ones are always with us even if we cannot see them.